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Please click the download link below to begin download session.
In the bar that appears at the bottom of the page, click "Run".
Follow the prompts to complete the installation of Nevrokard software.

The software has been re-compiled due to certificate renewal. If the SmartScreen Filter reports that the program is not commonly downloaded, click the "Actions" button and then select the command "Run anyway" in the next window.

Version File Size
13.4.0 download 19 966 kB
6.1.0 download 20 246 kB
1.7.0 download 16 308 kB 
9.1.0 download  15 658 kB 
6.3.0 download 15 396 kB
CVPA 2.2.0 download 6 953 kB
LDDA(5) 8.1.0 download 7 480 kB
SA-aHRV 8.4.0 download 15 642 kB
SA-LTaHRV 5.8.0 download 14 781 kB
SA-BPV 3.8.0 download 13 498 kB
4.3.0 download 13 294 kB
  Dongle Drivers
The USB dongle requires device drivers for all the operating systems that it is to be installed on, i.e. Windows NT4, Windows 98/Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Version File Size
2.00 download 1 136 kB
  Old Versions
If you wish to download an older version of the software (HRV v. 9.40, LT-HRV v. 4.40, LDDA v. 6.05, SA-HRV v. 4.10, SA-LTHRV v. 3.00), please send an email to and specify which program you wish to download, as well as the number on your dongle label.


If you have any questions related to your online download, please contact:

PLEASE NOTE: If you download the demo version of the software from our
website and installed it, the functionality of the software will be partly restricted when compared to the full (paid-for) version (no PRINT and SAVE functions, a few numerical results will be unavailable). However, for evaluation purposes this will not present any problem.

If you purchase the software, we shall send you a dongle. Download the program called SETUPDRV from our website and install it. By inserting the dongle into the appropriate USB port you will convert the demo software into the version with all functions available.

Please be certain you have deleted the old version before installing the new one, or installation may not work.

If you wish to purchase the software, please contact us at and make the required advance payment.



If you have Norton Internet Security installed on your computer, you may be prevented from downloading / installing Nevrokard software, even though Nevrokard software contains no threats, viruses or other malicious software and is certified by an authorized government body. If the Symantec software blocks your download (files get tagged as "WS.Reputation.1"), please turn off the Symantec security function for the time required to download the Nevrokard software.

How to turn off the Symantec security function temporarily? With the right-hand mouse button click the Norton Internet Security icon. A menu appears; select "Disable Antivirus Auto-Protect". The default validity of this option is 15 min. Download the selected software and re-activate Norton, or wait for automatic re-activation after 15 min.